Fueling your body with the proper nutritional can determine your energy level and help you meet your weight management goals. Fitness is Life with Lee brings you Dietary and Nutritional Tips from Jon Vredenburg, Registered Dietitian of No Limit Nutrition. No matter where you live, ask to speak to a Registered Dietitian for an individualized nutrition program to suit your needs. We are sharing basic nutritional information with you. This information is not a substitute for medical nutrition advice. To schedule a consultation with Jon, visit .

Services provided, but not limited to:

  1. Medical Nutrition Therapy
  2. Diabetes Education
  3. Freelance Writing (all topics)
  4. Corporate Wellness
  5. Weight Management
  6. Nutrient Analysis of Menus
  7. Performance Nutrition
  8. Menu Planning for LTC/Adult Facilities
  9. Dietary Supplement Evidence Review
  10. Nutrient Analysis of Group/Site Menus
  11. Public Speaking Engagements
  12. Menu Planning for Correctional Facilities